Bullet Hell Reversal

DDOS! HACKERS! Countless enemies are swarming! Protect yourself with your Reversal Shield and survive the onslaught or will you........succumb to the enemy?

Explanation for the gameplay:

App has been uploaded and is ready for download!!

The game is an endless wave game. 
There are 2 phases, the initial phase  "DDOS" spawns in a indestructible homing enemy that the player has to dodge.

Afterwards it begins the enemies waves.
Basic enemies will do basic shooting
Spammer enemies will shoot a spread

Players need to catch the bullet by holding left click and releasing the captured bullet back at the enemies
Each enemy kills gives some charge for your right click, using right click slows time down and drains the time bar that holds the charge.


The game I am making is an arcade bullet hell game that focuses on the idea of the word reversal, as such the name was formed “Bullet Hell Reversal”. The core concept of the game is the shield that has the unique feature of catching and throwing the bullets that the enemy fires at the player back at them. The only way to kill the enemy is to use that shield.

The idea was inspired by how viruses work in real life and how some hacking attacks heavily relies on DDOS attacks. 

And just like how a bullet hell game is swarmed by countless entities that attacks the host so does the viruses and DDOS attacks. However, there always seems to be a way to reverse the situation and thus the idea of the game was formed. 

This game is catered to those bullet hell thrill seekers who want to see a unique twist to the classic genre of arcade shooter games. 

Game Features:

Player Abilities:

  • Reflective Shield
  • Ultimate Ability (Time Slow + Instant Kill + Invincible)
    • Contact Based Damage


  • DDOS (begins exploding after level 25)
  • Basic 
  • Spammer Variant 

Endless Waves

Difficulty Options 

  • Normal
  • Veteran (Starts at level 25)
  • Insanity (Starts at level 50)
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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okay, so, gameplay wise, it's pretty good, pacing feels alright, enemies are predictable yet plentiful

First, the  DDOS attacks, and the corresponding enemies, a useful piece of advice would be to start an animation so players can gauge how long they stay, or just having a wave timer for the DDOS attacks.

Second, the slowdown for time, personally i'd like to prematurely start time back up at a small extra cost but that's just me

Third, AI, they don't strafe, or at least, from what i can tell, would be nice and a fun challenge

Fourth, Shield, it kinda favors people who just hold down left click, and that's not fun. Maybe slowly burn down the shield if they hold it with empty too long, or just let it regenerate over time

Oh wow! This is great thanks so much for your feedback!! This is really really useful!

Thanks again :)

Welcome, will await update (great time passer), good luck.