V10 BHR Launch Update

What's New:

Player :
Sprite is now rotated to make front facing more intuitive
Shield now blinks red very clearly when shield is breaking
Player rotation delay removed
Added visual feedback when Shield is hit 

When bullet damage are increased they will have a pulsating glow

UI :
Ultimate Charge now has a prompt when fully charged
All UI bars have a icon to indicate what they represent
Added Button UI

New Screen:
Pause Screen during gameplay (does not freeze gameplay)
Screen has volume control for SFX and BGM respectively

Difficulty Choice Selection
Players can now choose between; normal / veteran / insanity

Main Menu :
New Splash Art
Tones of new Animations
Leaderboards can be viewed from main menu

Misc :
Balancing Changes
UI placements
Bug Fixes


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Feb 08, 2021

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